Your pharmacist or dentist will let you know when a paper claim form must be completed.

Making a Claim

Prescription Drug Care and Dental Care – Transmitting Claims Electronically

In most cases, your pharmacist will transmit your prescription claim electronically. Similarly, many dental offices will also file claims electronically. AFBS works with ClaimSecure to provide members and their covered dependants with pay-direct claims payments for Prescription Drug and Dental Care coverage. Since these claims are processed through the ClaimSecure network, the pharmacy and dental office require the information contained on your welcome letter in your insurance package to process your claim.

Electronic Submission is Not Possible for All Prescription Drug and Dental Claims

The standard dental claim form is available from your dental office.

Electronic submission is not possible for all prescription and dental claims. For example, compound prescriptions and dental claims for procedures, including certain x-rays and major restorative work, cannot be submitted electronically.

When electronic transmission is not possible for a prescription drug expense, please send the original official receipt from the pharmacy with a completed Prescription Drug claim form to AFBS. If your dental office cannot submit your claim electronically, you must send AFBS an original standard dental claim form which must be completed by your dentist.

If AFBS is the second payor, please include the receipt of claim settlement information, often called an Explanation of Benefits (EOB), from the other insurance company along with copies of the official receipt from the pharmacy or a completed standard dental claim form to AFBS.

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