Margaret Atwood - Poet, Writer and Environmental Activist

The Writers' Coalition health plan is a terrific option for artists, writers and creators who don't already have health benefits. For many, this package is more comprehensive than an individual health plan, and an affordable option for artists who are currently without coverage. It supplies a real need. I'd be joining it myself if I weren't overage!

Fred Langan - Business Writer, CBC Anchor

The health insurance plan from the Writers' Coalition gives me more than my employer was offering. It has a dental plan which isn't an option with the competition. It also provides me with a card so I don't have to save receipts from the pharmacist or dentist and mail them in. It is also cost effective and the monthly premium is tax deductible.

Susan Crean - Writer, former Chair of The Writers' Union of Canada

I signed up for the Coalition's health plan last March (2009), went to the dentist in May (2009) and a week later received a cheque for $245. It kind of stunned me. I don't mean the speedy turn-around; I mean the unexpected sense of relief. Like coming down off the high wire to see someone has, at last, installed a net.

We've talked forever in the Union about the need for a health plan, one ‘with some teeth in it’. Well we've finally made it happen – and here it is!

Anne Logan - Writer

I am grateful as a freelance author and single mother that we now have not only a health insurance provider, but one which is providing us with the best premium available to individuals, as well as prompt and courteous individualized responses from the office.

My prescription needs increased, and almost none were covered for that reason: even my endodontist was appalled when my other policy did not cover root canal work.

I signed up with the Writers' Coalition Program as soon as my other policy expired, and can truly say I have reaped the benefits.

Linda Leith - Publisher, Writer


When I left my employer, I needed a new insurer and was glad to go with Writers' Coalition. That was just over a year ago, and I've been very satisfied. The service is prompt, attentive and friendly. I would recommend the Writers' Coalition without hesitation. In fact, I've already done so to some of my writer friends.

Jack Illingworth - Executive Director of The Literary Press Group

The Writers' Coalition benefits program is a unique opportunity for smaller Canadian publishers to access affordable group health benefits that might otherwise be beyond their reach. Group health insurance has always been hard to come by for cultural workers in the book industry. This program finally changes all that.

The League of Canadian Poets - Participating Organization

Our first thought was “It's about time!” Our lives are enriched every day through the exciting and important work of professional writers. With easy access to affordable and comprehensive insurance packages, our poets now have a benefits plan that can enrich their lives! We are thrilled that the writing community now has a plan they can count on.

Sugith Varughese - Performer, Writer

Carolyn Wood - Executive Director of The Association of Canadian Publishers
Sandy Crawley - Executive Director of The Professional Writers Association of Canada

Robert Underwood - CEO and President of AFBS

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